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4 Different Types Of Coverings Office Furniture Chairs

14 Sep 2020
4 Different Types Of Coverings Office Furniture Chairs
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Not only are there a variety of different types of office furniture chairs, but they also come with all different types of furniture coverings. Let”s take a look at some of the different upholstery options available, and their pros and cons.
  • Fabric – a good fabric upholstery on office furniture chairs is quite common. Typically a commercial grade fabric is used, making the chair quite durable. One really good thing about fabrics is that they come a variety of colors: different shades of blue, red and gray are really common, as well as black. Though it can be cleaned, fabrics do soak up spills quite quickly, so you should act fast to stop any permanent stains from forming.
  • Vinyl – vinyl coverings are quite common on office furniture chairs as well. The most common color is black, though quite a variety of colors are also available. Black is most common because you can put it on a deluxe looking chair and it resembles leather. This allows you to get an executive looking chair for a fraction of the cost. One problem with vinyl is that it can feel sticky when it is hot. A good thing is that it is easy to clean, you just wipe it off with a wet cloth.
  • Mesh – I remember the first time I saw a mesh chair, it was about 10 years ago in an office supply store. I thought that the chair looked rather strange, but after trying it out and discovering how comfortable it was, that was what we purchased. That chair served us well for many years. Most mesh chairs have a mesh back, with a seat in leather, fabric or vinyl. But sometimes you can find a chair with both a mesh back and a mesh seat. Almost all mesh chairs are black or gray, though other colors are also available. One of the greatest things going for a mesh chair is that it is ventilated, allowing for air flow through the back, making the chair a lot cooler than other office furniture chairs. These chairs are great if you live in a hot or tropical climate.
  • Leather – when it comes casino online to any type of upholstery on any type of furniture, it is always hard to beat leather. Leather smells great, it lasts about four times longer than any other type of fabric, it stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter, it is easy to clean and care for, it is natural and each piece has its own unique grain (though this is not displayed as well on an office chair as on a couch). Though leather can be dyed in a variety of colors, black is most common for an office chair, and a deep, lush red or burgundy is second. The red makes for a very luxurious executive chair. The only real draw back of leather is that it tends to be more expensive than other chair coverings, but you have to remember that it should last quite a bit longer too, so in the long run, it may work out to cost less than buying multiple chairs over the years.

There are many different types of office furniture chairs on the market for you to consider, from ergonomic, to task chairs, high backed and low backed chairs, chairs on casters and others without. But after considering the style of chair that you want, also consider the type of covering that you want. Consider the pros and cons of each type of upholstery, and then go with what you like best for office furniture chairs.


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