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Modern European Office Furniture

12 Sep 2020
Modern European Office Furniture
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Modern European Office Furniture

Studies have shown that productivity, efficiency and attitudes improve with aesthetically appealing office design. Modern European office furniture is recommended to address these common issues in the workplace. Recent trends in office furniture have shown that designers are reshaping offices to increase mobility and flexibility. Collaboration, ergonomics and eco-friendly designs are major considerations as designers embark upon creating a workspace to retain workers and Viesso wants to make the process even more appealing with our incredible selection of unique, eco-friendly furniture pieces.

How Modern European Office Furniture Transforms a Workplace

New Millennial employees work differently. Workspaces should reflect their work styles. Modern European office furniture can transform an uninspiring workspace into a cool and fun place to work. For this reason, designers are using bold colors, natural materials and eco-friendly materials. Modern office spaces may also feature well-designed yoga rooms, meditation rooms and gourmet cafeterias.

Architects and designers are redesigning office desks, but also chairs, cubicles, storage spaces and conference rooms. Tables and conference room furniture are also being addressed. Architects and designers evaluated and studied how new employee’s work naturally and designed office furniture to meet their needs.

Modern office design improves productivity and clear thinking according to numerous studies. Productive work environment yield more sales and revenue for companies. This is an outcome nearly every business owner desires.

How Modern European Office Furniture Facilitates Collaboration

Studies have shown that new Millennial workers value collaboration. Designers are slowly tearing down cubicles in favor of open office spaces with a clear view of the entire team. Desk space is becoming smaller as laptops and monitors become more streamline. The office is evolving as technology and work styles change to meet the needs of the new workforce.

Modern European office furniture works well with open floor plans. An employer can purchase numerous desks with sleek lines and geometric shapes. The desks can be placed strategically in an open loft office space with huge windows and natural lighting.

Minimalist designers may select desks with clean and simple lines made of eco-friendly materials. The recycled wood materials are both aesthetically appealing and healthy for employees. Glass materials and stainless steel are also common materials used in office design. These materials complement open work spaces and do not clutter open floor plans.

Employees can easily migrate to a co-workers desk and have a 20-minute discussion or push a group of chairs together to communicate about a project. Chairs with rollers are commonly found in offices to facilitate a collaborative work environment. Since designers have removed guest chairs from office designs to conserve space, these rolling office chairs work well in modern environments because co-workers can easy move chairs for meetings.

Modern European desk designs work well in collaborative environments. The smaller footprints help employees navigate through the office space easily and create impromptu meeting spaces. New Millennial employees prefer informal meeting spaces where small groups of two to six people can collaborate rather than formal conference rooms.

How Modern European Office Furniture Contribute to Ergonomic Design

The new Millennial worker is also educated on the proper design of office furniture and how incorrect design can contribute to strain on the body. Prolonged strain may lead to decreased productivity. Ergonomic chair design and desk design are all important to keeping employees healthy and productive. Studies have shown that ergonomic chairs and desks are an important aspect of productive work environments.

Fortunately, modern European chairs are comfortable and ergonomic in most instances. Designers understand that workers may spend considerable time sitting. They must be able to sit in a chair to allow them to work longer and more efficiently. Ergonomically designed chairs are adjustable vertically and have lumbar support. Chair height affects a person’s ability to view the screen without strain. If armrests are present, the armrests will also be adjustable vertically.
The main point of ergonomic chairs and furniture is to reduce repetitive stress injuries. In 2009 and 2010, ergonomic design was a primary focus of designers. European designers followed the ergonomic trend to provide office furniture to reduce workplace injuries. Comfortable materials are also an important part of ergonomic design. Natural latex increased the comfort level of ergonomically designed chairs.

Modern office chairs are available for purchase in bold and bright colors. Primary colors such as reds, blues and greens are often used to complement natural material and contemporary designs. Blacks and whites are also commonly used in modern European office design. These colors are vibrant and often elevate the mood of employees in the office. Studies have shown that vibrant colors re-energize employees and help them work more effectively.

How Modern European Office Furniture Contributes to Eco-Friendly Initiatives

In 2009 and 2010, eco-friendly initiatives relating to office design were pushed to the forefront of the design world. Natural latex is a common material used in modern office furniture to maintain an eco-friendly status. This material is safe for the environment and healthy for employees. New Millennial employees are pleased with the inclusion of this material.

Bamboo and other recyclable, sustainable and eco-friendly materials are commonly used in office furniture design. These office furniture designs are not only attractive and safe for the environment, but the designs are often budget-friendly. Many businesses are selecting eco-friendly materials for their offices to retain employees who are concerned about the environment and exposure to toxic materials in the workplace. Employees want to know their employers are acting ethically by purchasing environmentally friendly office furniture.

Many new Millennial employees are aware of carbon emissions produced by traditional furniture manufacturing processes. Sustainable resources are a common characteristic of eco-friendly or “green” modern European office furniture. Bamboo is a sustainable resource because bamboo grows at a fast rate. Bamboo can be harvested quickly and inexpensively compared to other wood sources.

Most eco-friendly furniture is made from recycled material. Recycled steel, plastic bottles and soft drink bottles may all be used in furniture design. Office tables and desks may feature recycled steel. Office chairs may feature recycled soft drink bottles, and the upholstery of office sofas may feature recycled plastic bottles.


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