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Fix Adjustable Office Chairs

Office chairs can develop a bevy of problems over time. For instance, these chairs can be wobbly, shaky or squeaky and even make adjustments on their own. Fortunately, with a basic set of hand tools and the owner’s manual for your chair, you likely can fix many of the basic problems in your office chair.…

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Replace Pneumatic Cylinder for an Office Chair

The purpose of the pneumatic cylinder in your office chair is to allow it to glide up and down smoothly. If you can no longer lower or raise your office chair, chances are this cylinder has failed. You could go out and buy a brand new chair, but you may be able to save yourself…

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Office Chairs With Back Support

Choosing the proper office chair can help prevent or reduce back pain, making the hours you spend at your desk more productive. A well-designed chair not only looks good, but provides proper support for your back and spine. Evaluating the various models of chairs and their features can be overwhelming when you are shopping for…

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