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Budget for Office Furniture

Purchasing office furniture requires some planning and budgeting so that you do not run out of money before all your furniture has been purchased. Whether purchasing furniture for your personal office or for a large corporate office, knowing what you need is an important key to your budgeting. Your budget for office furniture will dictate where you shop, the style of the furniture your purchase, along with its size. A well-planned budget will keep you from making impulse purchases and spending more money than you can afford.


  1. Walk through your office space and determine what type of office furniture you need. Make note of the furniture ideas you have while walking the space.
  2. Price the furniture pieces you need along with any unnecessary but wanted pieces. Make sure you include seating in your pricing.
  3. Add the prices of all the furniture you have found together. This will give you a total amount of money needed to furnish your office space.
  4. Divide the total dollar amount of all the furniture by the number of weeks you are willing to wait to purchase the furniture. The result is the amount you must save each week to purchase the furniture on time and within the amount of money you are willing to spend.
  5. Place the weekly amount for your furniture in a savings account until you have met your total money goal.